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Unbeatable prices on Mulch and Soil Products!

Screened Topsoil, Compost, Fill Dirt, Wood Chips, Natural & Colored Mulch

  • Natural Double Ground Mulch – $14/yard
  • Red Dyed double ground colored mulch – $20/yard
  • Black Dyed double ground colored mulch – $20/yard
  • Brown Dyed double ground colored mulch – $20/yard
  • Tree Company Wood Chips – $5/yard
  • Pine Bark Nuggets - $35/yard
  • Organic Composted Topsoil $28/yard
  • Sanded Landscapers Blend – $35/yard
  • Fill Dirt – $18/yard
  • River Sand – $45/yard or $38/ton
  • Gravel - 34 Stone – $45/yard or $38/ton
  • Gravel - 57 Stone – $45/yard or $38/ton
  • Gravel – 89 Stone – $45/yard or $38/ton
  • Gravel - Rip Rap – $40/ton - 6 ton minimum order
  • Gravel - Crusher Run – $40/yard or $34/ton
  • Gravel - Premium Asphalt Millings – $34/yard or $27/ton
  • Standard Oak Firewood $200/cord
  • Seasoned Hickory Firewood $220/cord
  • Premium Barn Dried Seasoned Firewood - $240/cord
Installation on mulch products at $25/yard additional.  Stone and Soil installation by quote
Pick Up or Delivery - $30 up to 10 miles, additional miles $3 mile
14273 Cumming Hwy, Cumming. GA. Areas Served: Cumming, Canton, Alpharetta, Milton, Ball Ground, Woodstock, Roswell, Suwanee, Buford, Dawsonville, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody.
Natural Double Ground Mulch – Ground twice for great texture – similar to Kid-Safe™ mulch without the certification and higher price. Excellent shock absorption for playground use but has not been ASTM certified.
Color Dyed Double Ground Mulch – Double ground for texture, Dyed Dark Brown, Black or Red using long lasting premium liquid dyes.
Unprocessed natural wood chips – Tree company wood chips unprocessed and straight from our tree crew’s chippers, may have twigs, pine needles, leaves or gum balls but great for a cheap long lasting ground cover
Cypress Mulch – Long lasting, great natural color, bug resistant mulch.
Pine Bark Nuggets –Natural brown color resists fading, long lasting mulch
Organic Composted Topsoil Conditioner – Pure organic topsoil composted from aged composted bark fines. Great for soil conditioning, improving aeration and drainage, preparing for sod or seeding or potting & bedding. The composted topsoil conditions soil by adding nutrients, aerates roots and helping absorb and retain moisture.
Compost or Soil Conditioner – Our 100% organic composted topsoil is nutrient rich (material testing can be sent via e-mail on request) Buy it a topsoil price but get Soil Conditioner quality! Use to sweeten your garden soil, potting, and flower beds, sod and seed prep, and condition lawn soil. Blend in by turning or just apply a thin layer over existing soil to increase nutrients, soil aeration and moisture retention.
Sanded Topsoil blend – Blend of 33% organic composted soil conditioner topsoil, 33% Georgia topsoil and 33% river sand. Great for leveling lawns, preparing for sod or seeding or potting & bedding. The compost blend adds nutrients, aerates, roots and helps absorb and retain moisture. The sand facilitates leveling, reduces clumping and improves drainage.
Fill Dirt – Good compactable Georgia clay but could possibly contain very minor amounts of rocks, roots and clods. Great for filling holes, backfilling retaining walls or areas where a firm base is required.
River Sand – Used for sandboxes, top dressing and leveling existing lawns, also used to improve drainage.
Granite Gravel #34 Stone – A large sized gravel ranging from 1.5” to 2” in size – larger stone excels as a base for driveways and construction entrance, best choice to firm up a soft area.
Granite Gravel #57 Stone – A medium sized gravel ranging from 0.5” to 1” in size – used for driveways and parking areas.
Granite Gravel #89 Stone – A fine-textured gravel ranging from 0,25” to 0.5” in size - attractive fine texture granite stone often used for walkways and paths.
Decorative River Pea Gravel – round river stone ranging from 0.5” to 1” in size – used as a permanent ground color in lieu of mulch or pine straw, also used in hardscapes, and walking paths.
Crusher Run or Crush and Run – A compactable mix of granite ranging from sand size particles to 1” stones, the different sizes compact together to make a great driveway topping or base for concrete or asphalt.
Premium Barn Dried Oak Firewood – Our oak firewood split and then seasoned indoors –this creates cleaner wood with less mold and dryer wood, dryer wood produces more heat and less chimney build up
Hickory Firewood – Our hickory firewood is mostly used for smoking but when we have surplus we also allow it to be purchased as heating firewood. Results are similar to oak