Mulch, Soil & Landscape Supplies

Mulch & Landscape Supplies

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Unbeatable prices on Mulch and Soil Products!

Screened Topsoil, Compost, Fill Dirt, Wood Chips, Natural & Colored Mulch

  • Fine Ground Natural Mulch - $15/yard
  • Fine Ground Black Dyed Colored Mulch - $23/yard
  • Fine Ground Brown Dyed Colored Mulch - $23/yard
  • Coarse Ground Black Dyed Colored Mulch - $27/yard
  • Coarse Ground Brown Dyed Colored Mulch - $27/yard
  • Tree Company Wood Chips - $8/yard
  • Pine Bark Nuggets - $35/yard
  • Composted Topsoil - $28/yard
  • Sanded Topsoil - $35/yard - Delivery Only - 10 yards/load
  • Fill Dirt - $18/yard - Delivery Only - 10 yards/load
  • River Sand - $45/yard or $38/ton
  • Gravel - 34 Stone - $45/yard or $38/ton
  • Gravel - 57 Stone - $45/yard or $38/ton
  • Gravel – 89 Stone - $45/yard or $38/ton
  • Gravel - Rip Rap - $50/yard or $40/ton
  • Gravel - Crusher Run - $40/yard or $34/ton
  • Gravel - Premium Asphalt Millings - $34/yard or $27/ton
  • Standard Oak Firewood - $200/cord
  • Seasoned Hickory Firewood - $220/cord
  • Premium Barn Dried Seasoned Firewood - $240/cord
Installation on mulch products at $25/yard additional.  Stone and Soil installation by quote
Pick Up or Delivery - $30 up to 10 miles, additional miles $3 mile
14273 Cumming Hwy, Cumming, GA. Areas Served: Cumming, Canton, Alpharetta, Milton, Ball Ground, Woodstock, Roswell, Suwanee, Buford, Dawsonville, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody.
Fine Ground Natural Mulch – Ground twice for great texture – similar to Kid-Safe™ mulch without the certification and higher price. Excellent shock absorption for playground use but has not been ASTM certified.
Fine Ground Black or Brown Dyed Colored Mulch – Fine Ground dyed dark brown or black using long lasting premium liquid dyes.  This chip mulch is ground down to a dense fine texture.  The lower cost chipping process makes this mulch more affordable than course ground mulch.
Coarse Ground Black or Brown Dyed Colored Mulch – Coarse Ground dyed dark brown or black using long lasting premium liquid dyes.  This shredded mulch is coarse ground with larger pieces and a more torn shredded look.
Unprocessed natural wood chips – Tree company wood chips unprocessed and straight from our tree crew’s chippers, may have twigs, pine needles, leaves or gum balls but great for a cheap long lasting ground cover.
Pine Bark Nuggets – Natural brown color resists fading, long lasting mulch.
Composted Topsoil – Mix of decomposing woody organic matter and traditional soil retains nutrients and moisture and easy to work in gardens and lawns.
Sanded Topsoil  – Our sanded topsoil is a blend of sand and composted topsoil.  The sand makes the topsoil easier to use when leveling lawns or preparing to lay sod.
Fill Dirt – Good compactable Georgia clay but could possibly contain very minor amounts of rocks, roots and clods. Great for filling holes, backfilling retaining walls or areas where a firm base is required.
River Sand – Used for sandboxes, top dressing and leveling existing lawns, also used to improve drainage.
Granite Gravel #34 Stone – A large sized gravel ranging from 1.5” to 2” in size – larger stone excels as a base for driveways and construction entrance, best choice to firm up a soft area.
Granite Gravel #57 Stone – A medium sized gravel ranging from 0.5” to 1” in size – used for driveways and parking areas.
Granite Gravel #89 Stone – A fine-textured gravel ranging from 0,25” to 0.5” in size - attractive fine texture granite stone often used for walkways and paths.
Rip Rap Gravel – Rock used to armor shorelines, streambeds, bridge abutments, pilings and other shoreline structures against scour and water or ice erosion.
Crusher Run or Crush and Run – A compactable mix of granite ranging from sand size particles to 1” stones, the different sizes compact together to make a great driveway topping or base for concrete or asphalt.
Premium Barn Dried Oak Firewood – Our oak firewood split and then seasoned indoors –this creates cleaner wood with less mold and dryer wood, dryer wood produces more heat and less chimney build up.
Hickory Firewood – Our hickory firewood is mostly used for smoking but when we have surplus we also allow it to be purchased as heating firewood. Results are similar to oak.