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Signs Your Tree Needs To Be Removed

Relaxing under your favorite shade tree is the perfect way to escape the summer heat. Unfortunately, it could also be dangerous.

A sick, weak or dying tree poses a significant risk to anyone underneath. These threaten your family’s safety and could even lead to property damage.

It is important to eliminate these hazards quickly. If your tree shows one of these five symptoms, contact a professional tree removal specialist immediately.


Storms are the leading cause of damage, resulting in sudden and severe harm. Look for vertical cracks, seams or dead branches. Hollowed and damaged trees can continue to live but present a risk of falling. Remove trees if it has damage on more than half of its trunk.


Poor climate and insects make trees unstable. Discoloration, decaying roots or dead branches often indicate a tree is in poor health. The first instinct may be to try to heal the tree, but these diseases can spread to other trees and plants.


Some trees lean naturally. Yet, as a general rule, any tree leaning more than 15 degrees should be removed. Abrupt and sharp leans are signs the roots are weakening or breaking. Such trees may collapse on your home, car, neighbor’s home or even a passerby. Have these trees removed right away.

Poor Location

Simply put: anything overhanging a home, power line or play area needs to be taken out. The environment may also impact a tree’s chance to survive. Trees growing on a ledge or near water typically have shallow root systems and may fall more easily.


A tree’s location near your house may also cause a problem. These undermine your property’s structural integrity and jeopardize your foundation. Any roots that break through cement or concrete call for immediate removal. But, trees can hurt your landscape too. Their extensive root systems drain plants of much-needed resources, like sunlight or water. This limits other plants from growing to their full potential.

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